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The Wisconsin Coonhunter's Association is a non-profit 501(c) charitable organization devoted to supporting various local children's oriented charities, while promoting competitive coonhound sporting events throughout the state of Wisconsin. Some of our charities include Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, where we have donated $60,000 to their cause. We also provide scholarships to young people to use toward post High School education. WCHA has funded the construction of a raccoon exhibit at the N.E.W. Zoo in Green Bay and continues to maintain that exhibit each year through donations of our members.

Each spring, WCHA puts on an annual charity awards banquet, open to the public, where we take the time to appreciate those who have so gratiously chosen to donate to our worthy causes through tax deductible donations and sponsorships. A banquet style dinner is served where attendees are encouraged to participate in prize raffles, door prizes, live & silent auctions and general commeraderie. At the banquet we also crown the WCHA Nite Hunt and Show Dogs of the Year and honor our youth coonhound events program winners.

The WCHA also sponsors the Wisconsin Youth State Coonhound Championship, where kids are given the opportunity to participate in this United Kennel Club sanctioned coonhound bench show and nite hunt. The winners of these events qualify to go on and compete for the UKC Coonhound National Championships held every year in Indiana.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Wisconsin Coon Hunters’ Association to promote the use of well-trained hounds to aid in conservation and offer handlers recreation afield while engaging in raccoon hunting, legal and ethical hunting-related activities. The association and its members shall serve as ambassadors to our sport, sharing our interest with others and inspiring an appreciation for the hounds, trainers, nature, and the outdoors. The association will be committed to efforts that protect our rich heritage, while helping it evolve and endure for coming generations.

Code of Ethics

Members of the Wisconsin Coon Hunters Association shall…...

Be an ambassador for the sport of raccoon hunting with hounds, and present a positive image. Take pride in the tradition and its rich history.

Always be a responsible dog handler, trainer, and owner.

Understand and obey current game laws and respect authorities.

Exercise caution at all times, and learn the rules of firearm safety.

Insist that other hunters behave in responsible and ethical manner, as they are a reflection of our sport.

Mentor others that are interested, and pass along attributes essential to a true outdoorsman.

Be a steward of the land, and honor conservation of resources so that others, including future generations, will enjoy the same opportunities.

Show respect to all game harvested by learning its habits and habitats, and honoring it before and after harvest. Utilize game and leave minimal waste.

Avoid hunting practices that degrade the safety and quality of the sport.

Respect private property by considering the use a privilege. Seek permission, be thankful and courteous, and find a way to leave it better than you found it.

Cooperate with other user groups to ensure best experience for everyone.

Acknowledge everyone’s right to their own beliefs, and be respectful of differences.

Support local clubs and state associations that provide opportunities and protect rights and privileges. Be aware of current challenges and initiatives.

Be responsible and respectful when sharing hunting pictures and stories on social media, doing your best to portray hunting with hounds in a positive light. Social media can be used to share things about our sport that may inspire others to learn more and try it for themselves. However, recognize that anything posted online can be saved, shared, manipulated, and potentially used against us.

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